Consulting: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, & Mining

  • Launching a new coin project?
  • Creating a series of NFT’s?
  • Starting or scaling a mining operation?
  • Disrupting/decentralizing a new niche?

We can help you avoid costly mistakes, help determine feasibility, help map out realistic deliverables, and improve the likelihood of funding sooner.

Secure Cloud

Private & encrypted storage, email, calendar, contact backup, customer relationship data, notes, tasks, project management, and team chat.

We’ll get you fully migrated from your current provider, and into complete control over your data.

For individuals, teams, or informal groups.

Secure Phone

Private, encrypted communication apps preinstalled on a Google, Apple-free device that you know for sure is not sending leaked information to advertisers.

Available in bulk for corporate clients.

For individual users, consider picking up a Freedom Phone.

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