Mining Algos Worth Learning (in 2019)


Mining Algorithms Worth Learning

There Are Currently Over 4.5k Cryptocurrencies
(that we know of)

So how many of them are actually worth mining?

That's a moving target, with no single "right" answer- but we can begin to approach the problem from one of a few of ways:

  1. your ability to mine certain coins.
  2. immediate value of the coins being mined.
  3. long term value of coins being mined.

On points 2 and 3: only you can answer that for yourself, and you might choose any number of reasons

  • You may have a strong vision of the future for your favorite coin. 
  • You might believe strongly in the leadership of the core developer team.
  • You might just think the logo looks cool. 

And who are we to say you're wrong*!?

(*we'd be very irresponsible indeed not to steer you away from bad faith teams/actors, on occasion, and we'll try our best to warn you if we spot a legit scam)

However, sometimes there is a breakthrough in the proof of work algorithm used. One which provides enough value to make mining itself the very merit of the coin. 

And, whatever your opinion of proof of work, early mining of any coin with the potential for a strong exchange listing is one proven way to win big within cryptocurrency.

So if you see a coin you believe in, for either the short or long term- typically the biggest limiting factor will be your ability to mine it effectively.

In this hub article, we provide regular updates & links to short guides on understanding the basic history & purpose of the top, most relevant mining algorithms (and algorithm families) that new miners should be considering in order to achieve maximum profit.

For the majority of CPU and GPU mineable coins, we will explain their implemenation in HiveOS (see our primer series here) but the techniques used will work in just about any Linux based mining OS.

Happy mining! ⛏


  • Dagger-Hashimoto (Ethash)

  • Cuckoo Cycle (& variants)

  • Merkle Tree Proofs (MTP)

  • ProgPOW

  • x16r (& variants)

  • CryptoNight/Random X (& variants)

  • Equihash (& variants)