Freedom Phone, by MY₿

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Who is Freedom Phone right for?

People who want to stop letting Big Tech track them all the time, but still want a modern smartphone with solid apps, a great camera, beautiful screen, and really long battery life. (No really, getting rid of trackers & spyware extends a single charge by up to 400%!)

Who shouldn't get one?

Anyone who feels they absolutely have to own an iPhone or the standard Google/Android experience.

"Wait, the The Pixel is manufactured by Google, but it keeps me safe from Google?"

Ironically yes, Google- the same Google that collects as much internet traffic & personal user data as it can get its hands on- that Google- also manufactures some of the most open, secure, & advanced hardware that currently exist (for Android). But that hardware is only PRIVATE if it's modified correctly.

Freedom Phone is secure and private because:

  1. We pair this advanced hardware with a completely Google-free version of Android.
    1. (Kind of like installing Linux* on your laptop instead of Windows)
  2. We re-lock the boot loader so nobody can access your data by running a different operating system.
  3. We place a physical privacy shield on the screen- so that 3rd parties & security cameras can't see what's on your screen (from a security perspective, this trips up more people than you might think).

"Hey, you mentioned Linux- why not just use a Linux phone?"

We love Linux. Linux, as an operating system, is far more flexible than Android- and hopefully Linux phone hardware will be as good or better than Android hardware some day. Today Android devices offer far better cameras, screens, & batteries with a "good enough" blend of privacy & security features. And the phone model we use for Freedom Phone consistently scores points for camera quality, beautiful screens, & great battery life.

So why the Pixel 3a?

This model has the longest support road map of any Pixel phone. Security/privacy developers are willing to continue to write code for it long term, even though there will be newer hardware on the market. Oh, and it has a fingerprint reader & headphone jack. So, you know, privacy with creature comforts.

Here's what you'll experience with the Freedom Phone:

A fully De-Googled version of Android Open Source, with several privacy apps preinstalled like Signal, TOR browser, Yubico Authenticator, f-droid open source app store, and a free starter VPN - plus no Google Play store, no Google Apps, and no Google ID login.. Completely Google-FREE! Also includes the Aurora Store - download any app on Google Play fully anonymously. (there is even a mode for downloading your legally obtained, paid apps) Even with the improved security & privacy of the Freedom Phone, using f-droid & Aurora, you can download almost anything that runs on Android. A few apps that work without Google services: Browsers like TOR/DuckDuckGo/Firefox/Bromite, OpenVPN, messengers like Signal, Briar, Keybase, Telegram, media apps like Spotify, Audible, Netflix, Prime Video, HBOMax, CWTV, and various other apps like Amazon, Skype, Uber, Paypal, Kindle, Viber, and more.

"So what if I depend on apps that require Google Play services, but still want to keep my app usage data private from Google?"

No problem- just need to cover your tracks: MicroG is pre-installed so you can use Google services functionality if you want to with certain apps- but only send anonymous data back to Google. This allows you to run play store apps that need push notifications (like ProtonMail), without Google tying your personal identity to the app or to the data it pushes to your phone.

"Sounds great... so what doesn't work?"

Certain apps simply do not work, even with MicroG. Some developers & companies are simply too reliant on full Google integration. But these fringe cases are usually pretty rare.


  • Tempered Glass Privacy screen shield
  • Black TPU Impact Resistant Case
  • Premium, braided nylon USB type-C charging/data cable
  • High speed charger (18w/30w)


  • Storage: 64GB
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Processor: 8 core Snapdragon
  • Color: assorted - White / Black / Purple
  • Network Support: GSM (AT&T, T-Mobile, Mint, Virgin, Boost, etc)
  • Released: 2019
GSM Carriers Only (T-Mobile, AT&T, Mint Mobile, and other prepaid carriers/MVNOs), Not for Sprint or Verizon Backorders are enabled for this product.

Due to global shipping delays from OUR supply chain, customers may not receive product shipping/tracking number for up to 2 weeks.

399.00 US Dollar