MetaMask Tips & Tricks You MUST Know

Summary by MineYour.Biz staff |Video by Michael Gu (BoxMining on YouTube)

MetaMask is fast becoming the preferred DeFi interaction layer for Ethereum users, making control of their ERC20 holdings relatively easy to work with from any modern browser.

But it's not immediately apparent how users can get the most favorable transaction fees, change preferred networks, or cancel a transaction- if it's even possible to cancel a transaction!

In this video, Michael covers some extremely useful tips for users:

  • Choosing how much GAS users are willing to pay for transactions.
  • When/How users can effectively cancel a transaction.
  • Why/How to connect a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano.
  • How/Why to save ETH contacts/addresses that users might want to interact with frequently.
  • Speeding up transactions.

Links to tools seen in the video: