Host Your Own VPN on VULTR in ~10 Minutes

Virtual Private Network (VPN): A way to shield you against external surveillance while surfing the web, streaming videos, or downloading torrents.

You’ve probably heard that you should use one.

And there’s never been a better time to find a good, inexpensive, and fast option.

But how many of the premium VPN services can actually prove to you that your information and traffic are not being logged?

After all, having your IP address logged & tracked would basically make the whole thing pointless, right?

There’s an answer for that: if you host your own VPN, then you know exactly who has access to your data.

You can set up your own fully-functioning VPN server in 10 minutes, using the hosting service Vultr.

Vultr is a VPS (virtual private server) provider based in Australia. They offer “one click” installations of OpenVPN and several other popular apps.

You can host your VPN server in 15 different server locations worldwide: the US, Germany, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

The typical cost to run a VPN server is $5 per month, and includes 1000 GB of bandwidth (if you need more bandwidth, simply select a higher server plan).

You can set up OpenVPN by creating a new server instance in Vultr, and then choosing “OpenVPN” as your app. You need to scroll down on the “Create New Instance” page to see the list of apps to install.

After OpenVPN is running on your new server, you will be prompted to download an OpenVPN client package to install on your computer and smartphone (for Linux we recommend using qomui).

Follow the on screen prompts and you should have your VPN configured in about 10 minutes!

(Complete OpenVPN installation instructions are provided here if you run into difficulty)

Vultr offers hourly billing. This means you can spin servers up and down quickly, and only pay for the hours you actually use.

So, spin up a server on Vultr, install/configure OpenVPN as need, then “destroy” that server when it’s not needed.

Rinse, Repeat.

For payment, Vultr accepts Bitcoin, Paypal, and Credit Cards.