Could the Nvidia 30XX GPUs Be The Best Mining Cards Ever?

Vega- our friend from the Serpent XSF youtube channel- walks us through the currently known specs & mining potential of this newly announced generation of graphics hardware by Nvidia.

With some reports claiming a video gaming performance boost of up to 50%, due to significant boosts to memory throughput and logic core count, mining performance may also be significantly boosted, but perhaps not by as much.

According to Vega, the previous jump from Nvidia's 10XX series cards to the 20XX yielded a performance boost in gaming of almost 30%.

But the mining performance increase- as measured by mining faithfuls like Serpent XSF's Vega- was closer to 18-22% during that time, due to factors such as a generational leap in memory used (GDDR5x to GDDR6).

As Vega says himself, "remember to take all of this with a grain of salt- maybe MORE than a grain!"