ASIC to PC "Pico PSU" converter

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Server and ASIC PSU's basically mop the floor with standard ATX gear.
Ditch the quick-to-burn-out consumer stuff, and start using these instead.

Rating Power: 150W - 250W
80 PLUS Certification: Other Certification
Modular: Full Modular
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Output: +3.30V, +5.00VSB, +5.00V, +12.00V, -12.00V
Approvals: CE, ROHS
Model Number: AC4232
Application: Desktop
Application: Server
Interface Type: 24Pin
Package: Yes
CPU Power Connector: 4 pin
D-type Bus Number: 2
Graphics Card 12V Pin Number: 0
Number of SATA Ports: 2
PFC Type: Active
Plug Type: US Plug
Brand Name: h1111z
Rating Power: 160W
DC input connector: 2.5mm inner diameters, 5.5mm outer diameter

24pin DC ATX PSU 12V DC Input 160W Peak Output Switch DC-DC ATX Pico PSU MINI ITX PC Power Supply For Computer