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What is CBD 2.0 by MY₿?

CBD 2.0 is a CBD oil tincture, in a 1 fl oz darkened glass bottle, and has 2000mg of full-spectrum cannabidiol (less than 0.3% THC), plus hemp-derived terpenes, in coconut-sourced MCT carrier oil, with no additional flavors, colors, or other artificial ingredients.

All of our full-spectrum CBD oil products contain the full range of cannabinoids plus hemp-derived terpenes from the plant.

This is the only formula consistently reported by our test subjects to offer the "entourage effect" of CBD.

Many customers report decreased pain/inflammation in any aching joints, a decrease in anxiety, and vastly improved quality of sleep

The level of THC in our product is so incredibly low, it could not offer the psychoactive "high" of marijuana even if you were to drink a full bottle (and the MCT oil from that much product would give you the runs).

Each full dropper = 1 ml, containing approximately 66mg CBD.

Our story:

After years of learning, and then months of intense trail & error, we finally sourced an oil & gas separation facility that isn't also a supplement manufacturer, then refined a formula that we know is not just a unique flavor- it's also a better base product.

This was important to us.

You see, health & wellness supplementation is a very saturated market, and we've worked around the major supplement manufacturers before, and seen the tricks that some of them use:

Fillers, light passes of artificial flavors or sweeteners (just below the threshold that would require legal disclosure), and occasionally just plain bad quality, on top of base products that they don't even manufacture in house.

We found that most sources of CBD & their manufacturing practices were completely unacceptable.

We had to start from the ground up.

Our CBD is literally built different.

It's sourced directly from a professional Oil & Gas separation company with 20+ years of experience & success outside of the supplement industry, from California-grown hemp stock.

They're just really good at processing organic material & separating the oil.

No harsh solvents or chemicals are used, and no high pressure CO2. In fact, they've considered getting a patent on their process, because it's that unique.

They've agreed to work with us directly instead of just selling in bulk to the major supplement resellers.

Together we're making something great, instead of grinding out more mediocre junk.

No fillers. No additives. No harsh chemicals. No excuses.


Who is CBD 2.0 made for?

In a word: CBD 2.0 is for those who truly appreciate quality.

Perfect for ₿itcoin & crypto believers who want to take some profits without getting hit by capital gains tax, and simply spend ₿TC, XMR, and other cryptos as currency.

And because CBD 2.0 exceeds the purity standards of all existing CBD oils on the market, we think it's worth obtaining some ₿itcoin or Monero just to try our product- even if some of our customers are not already interested in cryptocurrency.

We offer the best, in exchange for the best.

How is CBD 2.0 more pure than other oils?

Many of our competitor's oils are separated from the hemp plant through the use of either explosive chemicals like ethanol (which powers cars in many countries) or high pressure gasses like CO2.

CBD 2.0 uses a patent-pending system of oil & gas separation which is much cleaner, colder, and uses lower pressure.

Our system of obtaining CBD oil is not only better for the health of our customers, but healthier for the environment too.

This is why we do not consider ourselves a "budget" CBD brand, and accept ₿itcoin (and other cryptocurrencies).

Are there different flavors of CBD 2.0 oil?


Only hemp flavored. We are, quite frankly, fanatical about the purity of this product.

Even the best "flavoring" systems use artifical ingredients to fool the brain into believing that CBD oil tastes a little like something else... but only for about 15 seconds.

We encourage our customers who dislike the flavor of ultra-pure CBD +hemp terpenes to mix it into a delicious fruit smoothie, or their favorite hot breakfast drink instead.

Why is CBD 2.0's packaging the way it is?

Many of our competitor's products use excessive amounts of toxic ink on the labels, and plastic or foil composite in the outer packaging. This makes their boxes impossible to recycle, and their bottles difficult to reuse.

We believe there is no excuse for this practice in the modern age.

Our packaging is easily recycled, and our bottles are easily reused by customers.

This is intentional.

We do this to honor our customers, and leave the Earth better for our products being in it.

Does MY₿ make gummy chews or other CBD products?


We know how to obtain extremely pure CBD oil, put it in environmentally responsible packaging, and get paid in ₿itcoin/crypto for it.

We're going to stick with only that for a while.

How do most people use their CBD 2.0 oil?

Some customers use the oil in custom vape devices, specifically designed for oil (not heavier wax or lighter e-cigarette juice).

But most customers use our CBD by expelling anywhere from a full to a quarter dropper under their tongue & holding it in place for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing.

Can CBD 2.0 legally be shipped to all 50 United States?

Unfortunately no.

There are a small number of states such as Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota which have prohibited the sale & transfer of CBD oils containing even the smallest trace of THC.

We believe this is bad policy, but we are not activists.

We will not compromise the quality of our product by using THC-free extracts, but also simply will not ship to any state which has prohibited the possession, sale, or transfer of our product.

There may be individual counties/cities which prohibit the sale of CBD, even though it is generally legal in those states:

By submitting a CBD order from this site, you officially acknowledge that you are aware of & are obeying local laws, and that you are legally of age to purchase CBD in the jurisdiction in which you reside.

How long will it take for my CBD 2.0 oil to arrive?

We use standard ground shipping and are constantly negotiating with UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service to get the fastest delivery times for our customers within the United States.Even with our best efforts, COVID-19 has changed the world we live in.

But we also refuse to charge our customers for overnight shipping, as there are consistent delays with most current delivery options. Expect an email within a few days of your payment with tracking details- you will then know, in real time, what we know about your delivery.

CBD 2.0 is awesome- how can I be more like it?

Expect quality from yourself & others.

Accept no substitutes.

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