How To Create Your Own VPN In Just A Few Minutes (on VULTR)

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How To Create Your Own VPN In Just A Few Minutes (on VULTR)

First off: It's not only possible for a non-techie to set up their own fully-functioning VPN server, but with all the modern threats to our personal digital privacy, it is becoming essential.

A privately hosted VPN is the perfect addition to the privacy systems all crypto enthusiasts need in the modern age of digital life.

And by using Vultr, it can be done in about 10 minutes.

Vultr is a VPS (virtual private server) provider out of Australia. They offer “one click” installations of many popular server applications- but we'll highlight OpenVPN.

You can host your VPN in one of 15 different server farms, including the USA, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Japan, United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia (of course).

Running a VPN server costs about $5 per month, and includes 1 TB (1,000 GB) of total data transfer.



Set up OpenVPN by choosing a location for your server, clicking the "Application" tab under "Server Type", then choosing “OpenVPN” as your app. 


After installing OpenVPN to your server, you will need to download an OpenVPN client package to install on your computers (you can get the official mobile clients for your Android & iOS devices by clicking on each name).

Full installation instructions for using OpenVPN on your laptop/desktop are written up here. (with instructions for Linux here)

Vultr bills by the hour, so you can set up servers very quickly, shut them down when you don't need them, and only pay for the hours you actually use.

And Vultr accepts Bitcoin! (among other options like Paypal, Alipay, and Credit Cards)


Get a $50 credit at Vultr by clicking here.

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To get another layer of personal digital privacy, you can also run Nextcloud or ownCloud (open-source, encrypted alternatives to Dropbox) hosted on Vultr with One-Click installation.

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