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Will privacy coins (like monero, zcash, zcoin, dash, or pivx) replace Bitcoin?

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We talk about EVERY facet of Zcoin- from details about the Project, Team, Funding, Problems, Unique Advantages, and collabs they've worked on- to the consensus, plus an extremely in-depth analysis of the privacy tech employed by this coin! Reuben and I also chat about our personal views on privacy, and where we think there's room for improvement. XZC tips: aDYQGWE7gbVdMAnKPwayRpTYbP7n31hQy2

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First off: It's not only possible for a non-techie to set up their own fully-functioning VPN server, but with all the modern threats to our personal digital privacy, it is becoming essential.

And by using Vultr, it can be done in about 10 minutes.

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In some cases, you can literally DOUBLE your GPU's VRAM with this one simple trick!

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Mutual NDA's violated?

We're reserving judgement for now- but think the team at SQRL generally deserves better than this.

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